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It is Okay to be a Rebel


photo source: inspirebohemia

The word rebel has been given a bad rap for a long time
But I believe it’s not about the word that gives it a negative vibe
It’s how people perceive and define it that makes it good or bad.

It’s okay to be a rebel if you want . . .

To fight for your ideals and what you think is right
To keep the fire of passion burning in your heart
To go against the tide because the force makes you even stronger
To shake the status quo because you don’t live up to their expectations.

It’s okay to be a rebel and still have faith in humanity
Like a  time for a cool change, a breath of fresh air
To be free-spirited in your quest for life
To quench your thirst for knowledge and  experiences.

It’s okay to be a rebel and rewrite your own story
To change the course of history
To promote an idea that you really believe in
To defy the system and march on to where you can run freely.

Being a rebel is not only for the sake fighting and dying
Not just for the sake of creating havoc and misery for ourselves and others
But also for the awareness, freedom and universal justice
To raise our voice for those who can’t speak and to find your own truth.

All I’m saying is . . .

Rebel against a foe and turn him into a friend
Rebel against hatred and turn it into love
Rebel against war and turn it into peace
Rebel against a bully and become a buddy instead
Rebel against YOU for not standing up for yourself.

If you aim something for your own good
and for the good of all mankind,

You can have it your own way,

Because, IT’S OKAY.


Just Stay


Ah, there you are, and I realized it’s not a dream anymore. 


We get to see the old, familiar face once again,
to hear the same voice and laughter,
to feel the very warm embrace and,
to have that same sense of security and belonging.

We finally begin to see  that,
life is created by moments like these.
Moments with people we love the most.
They are so precious, we want to make the time stop,
to paint the scenes and to freeze frame it in our minds, FOREVER.


After so many months and years,
of endless days and nights of bitter longing,
seeing our beloved once again is such a wonderful time.
We think about the million mile gap created by the distance
and suddenly, it was all gone.

Our heart skips a beat, our feet flutter, our breath heave faster.
Our eyes are sad and yet happy for the same reasons why leaving needs to happen.
For God.
For ourselves.
For the family.
For our dreams.
For the future.
Whatever, it doesn’t really matter.
Because finally they are here with us.

Distance always put a hard toll on people.
But every homecoming is always a happy occasion
and a bit of heaven here on earth.

With each passing day, we wish this not to end ,  but for every joyful “Hello” there is also a sad ” Goodbye.”

Sad parting ways, yes, it always happen.
It is the one thing that is so hard to bear.
It is so much better to leave a place
because one can look forward
to a new beginning, and
a brand new life with great anticipation
or seeing an old one in a different light.

One can look forward to a new experience,
a new work environment,
a new way of doing,
and see new people or meet the old ones again.

Going away is hard for anybody too,
but for the person who is going on a different direction
it is like embarking on a great adventure.
the pure magic of not knowing where the path will lead you
makes the journey more exciting for people who travels to distant places.

Difficult, yet leaving is much better than staying.
It is a lot more bearable than the pain of being left behind.

Because for friends . . .


Staying means….
hearing their voices everywhere,
their laughter in every chambers of our heart,
hearing them calling our name,
the sweet terms of endearment,
the funny way they tell their crazy jokes,
recalling the bitter arguments and the wholesome banter,
the happy times of togetherness and merriment,
remembering the bitter-sweet memories of the old days and the new ones we have just shared.

Because for families . . .

Staying means…
seeing their funny faces in old familiar places
in every nook and cranny of our memory.
In every space, in every corner
In the blank faces of people we meet down the street.


Staying is . . .

reliving the happy times with our parents and children
playing with kin and laughing with the kids,
the endless cooking and eating
During birthdays and anniversaries
and other special occassions.

We begin to cherish
the lost camaraderie with friends,
the cheery mornings with neighbors,
the long walks in the park and,
the short afternoon siestas and fun fiestas.

Separation from loved ones affect us all
which sometimes, makes loneliness such a bad company.
We indulge ourselves in old habits and crazy cravings,
in vices and wines or what have you.

We all do it just to drown our sorrow,
but like an old joke says,
“Sorrow knows how to swim.”

But then again . . .

We find joy in watching comedy films 
we also find our strength with family and friends,
in hobbies and sports and old photographs
We find solace in sleeping in our own bed
or when taking warm showers.

And listening to love songs that play on the radio.
We bury ourselves deep in work or reading books
or in singing our hearts out like crazy.
We find comfort in whatever that could make us happy
even with little things that seem superficial and even mushy.

And for couples . . .

Staying means…
going through the cold and lonely nights,
missing the long fights and the tight embraces,
the warm caress, the soft kisses that send shivers down the spine. . .
the sweet nothings and cuddling,
their lingering scent on the pillows, under the sheets,
the smell of the old worn out shirt and the musky taste of perfume
the salty tangy sweat that lingers on our body.

Times when we have filled each other with love
and both consumed with passion all through the night
till the break of dawn,
and reminisce the great pleasures
of expressing love and devotion,
till you find yourself
alone in bed again,
and wondering of what might tomorrow be.

We all know this feeling, and we always hated it
When we face ourselves in the mirror and
witness our own vulnerability
of losing our strength,
of crying ourselves to sleep at night
till our lungs are exhausted
till our eyes hurt
till our heart bleeds
till our mind space out
and counting each day that passes by
every second … every minute… every hour.
Till the days turn into months
and the months turn into years,
and the years into forever.



Then, suddenly we realize all is not lost.

We rise ourselves up from the ashes
like a phoenix bird soaring to great heights.

We soon gather every tiny bit of strength
the is left in our body, mind and spirit.
We wake up from the  deep slumber
and force our will to stand up
to fight . . .
to keep going
to keep moving
to keep dreaming
to keep waiting for them to come back once again.

To keep hoping ,
not only for ourselves but also
for the ones we love,
and the special one who is far away.

At the end of each day, when love rules and life wins the battle
Only then we can have our wish granted.
When we can have the courage and find the words
for them not to ever leave us again and instead say,

. . . “just stay.”


picture source: slodive 35 romantic photographs