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It is Okay to be a Rebel


photo source: inspirebohemia

The word rebel has been given a bad rap for a long time
But I believe it’s not about the word that gives it a negative vibe
It’s how people perceive and define it that makes it good or bad.

It’s okay to be a rebel if you want . . .

To fight for your ideals and what you think is right
To keep the fire of passion burning in your heart
To go against the tide because the force makes you even stronger
To shake the status quo because you don’t live up to their expectations.

It’s okay to be a rebel and still have faith in humanity
Like a  time for a cool change, a breath of fresh air
To be free-spirited in your quest for life
To quench your thirst for knowledge and  experiences.

It’s okay to be a rebel and rewrite your own story
To change the course of history
To promote an idea that you really believe in
To defy the system and march on to where you can run freely.

Being a rebel is not only for the sake fighting and dying
Not just for the sake of creating havoc and misery for ourselves and others
But also for the awareness, freedom and universal justice
To raise our voice for those who can’t speak and to find your own truth.

All I’m saying is . . .

Rebel against a foe and turn him into a friend
Rebel against hatred and turn it into love
Rebel against war and turn it into peace
Rebel against a bully and become a buddy instead
Rebel against YOU for not standing up for yourself.

If you aim something for your own good
and for the good of all mankind,

You can have it your own way,

Because, IT’S OKAY.