It is Okay to be a Rebel


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The word rebel has been given a bad rap for a long time
But I believe it’s not about the word that gives it a negative vibe
It’s how people perceive and define it that makes it good or bad.

It’s okay to be a rebel if you want . . .

To fight for your ideals and what you think is right
To keep the fire of passion burning in your heart
To go against the tide because the force makes you even stronger
To shake the status quo because you don’t live up to their expectations.

It’s okay to be a rebel and still have faith in humanity
Like a  time for a cool change, a breath of fresh air
To be free-spirited in your quest for life
To quench your thirst for knowledge and  experiences.

It’s okay to be a rebel and rewrite your own story
To change the course of history
To promote an idea that you really believe in
To defy the system and march on to where you can run freely.

Being a rebel is not only for the sake fighting and dying
Not just for the sake of creating havoc and misery for ourselves and others
But also for the awareness, freedom and universal justice
To raise our voice for those who can’t speak and to find your own truth.

All I’m saying is . . .

Rebel against a foe and turn him into a friend
Rebel against hatred and turn it into love
Rebel against war and turn it into peace
Rebel against a bully and become a buddy instead
Rebel against YOU for not standing up for yourself.

If you aim something for your own good
and for the good of all mankind,

You can have it your own way,

Because, IT’S OKAY.


Everyday Is A Destiny


screen grab: yellowbrickcinema/youtube

Each morning is a brand new day. A new dawn. A new beginning.
New hopes spring. New mountains to climb. New goals to achieve.

What happened yesterday cannot be undone.
The mistakes we have committed last week cannot be erased.
But that doesn’t really matter now
We can still change the moments that made us weep today
Cheer up! Let us all drink and be merry for tomorrow is another day.

The earth still spins on its axis,
The sun shines magnificently from the east.
The birds still migrate to India during winter
The northern lights cast a colorful hues during the Solstice

New leaves grow after the fall giving trees a fresh new start
September fall begins the salmon run journey upstream
The desert winds from the Gulf blow and create sand dunes art
The stars up in the heaven at night gleam

From afar, we smell the aroma of the new mown hay
The Kansas plains glisten from the golden rays of wheat fields
The moon up above illuminates the darkness of the chilly night
The sunset in Manila Bay is magnificent now, as it was at first sight.

Never look at the past like it was some dreaded disease
Let the pain remain but let it guide you to a better days
Let yourself fall twice but be sure to get up on the third
Be strong, be patient and hold your head up high always

Because no matter what happens in this lifetime
We still have the power in our hand
Easier said than done, but here’s the thing  . .
When that negative little voice creeps at the back of our mind
Cancel. Clear. Delete.

So, let’s do what we gotta do

Because . . .

Everyday is still a destiny.

colorful stillness


md erni 14

there i was out in the cold
under the clear morning sky
as the streak of sun’s rays
find its way through the trees
a gentle sign and sigh
a loving presence from the Most High

savoring the gentle breeze
while in my mind i see
as the wild branches reaching out
and hugging me softly
comforting, soothing.
almost Zen like to me.

i took a deep,deep breath
slowly, gently
not once or twice
but many times
feeling the joy bursting out
from within
and reflecting through my eyes,
as the love of the Divine enfolds
throwing me into the fit of ecstasy
that I have never known before
as the serenity filled me with gladness
and  the path led me to my old sanctuary

then suddenly . . .

the kaleidoscope of hues
appear out from nowhere
blue, red, indigo,
purple and yellow
as i sway to the rhythm
of movements which sometimes
take me on a long journey
to the past i have known

the rainbow of colors
give meaning to feelings,
overflowing with radiance
and abundance

red brings fiery energy to the future
blue brings serenity of the past
yellow takes me to summer noontimes
purple gives me autumn hopes
my mind swirls and twirls
as i tune in and starts healing
as angels and spirits dance with joy
as the orbs of white light surrounds me

I can feel my heart throbbing,
digging its way to the core
as if its going to explode
heavy with emotions. . .
and filled with desert tears about
lost and,
death of old self unfolds.

reminiscing.. remembering
the journey of the soul
relives the joys and pains
lies and truth
laughters and tears
like a wheel that turns endlessly
spiraling into the abyss
never knowing when to stop
the only thing real are
the slow, gentle breaths
that gives harmony
and making good sense to all these

just when i thought all is lost
i found the strength to pause…

for a moment, i found peace and
the gentle breathing takes me to happy times
of my life . .
and nature . . .

just when i  thought that all has ended
i go back to the gentle breathing
to have my life back again
for a breath of fresh air
a new way of seeing things and
a new hope springs

in this colorful stillness
of the infinite loving spirit
that comes from within.

Find Your Joy


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Life sucks. Life is hard. Life is full of struggles.

Life is. . . WAIT! Hold it right there!
Haven’t we heard enough of these bad life mantras?
Too much of a bad thing is bad.
Too much pessimism is like
a big bad fall into the dark abyss.
It will not only break your bones
but it can also crack your skull to pieces
and nobody is out there to get you.

The dark path . . . please, don’t go there.
You don’t have to walk or run
to get there.
You can do it just by
sitting there all by yourself,
overthinking about negative things,
letting the dark clouds hang over your head
like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

It’s bad for everything.
Bad for the heart.
for the mind,
for the body,
for the soul.
Bad for the now.
Bad for the future.
Bad for a lifetime.

Bad for yourself
and for the person next to you
and for the one you meet down the street
and in fact for the entire world.

Get out from the shadow
before its too late.
Remove the veil that hinders
the path to your higher soul.
Let us not spread the madness
and find the joy instead.

Why dwell on the past hurts
and hang on to pains,
when you can just spread your wings
fly to where you want to go,
be you want to be,
and eventually, find your joy?
Stop the negativity
and let go of low vibration energy
that surrounds you.

Rejoice and make a big shout out
to the world that . . .

Life is good.
Life is abundant.
Life is peaceful.
Life is beautiful.
Life is full of love
Life is full of light
and laughter,
and suprises
even in every little thing.

Learn from a little sparrow bird
that knows self-worth behind the tiny frame
Small and yet fierce in its own little way
and smart enough to know better.

Because as the saying goes, . .
“sometimes, big things come in small packages.”

Just open your eyes and see
The Universe is sending us
lots of love and light
Find your joy and share it with others
and make their world bright.

Find the good in every bad
Find the laughter in every sorrow
Find the solution to every problem
See the light in the darkness
See the hope in every loss
Look for forgiveness in betrayals
Look for the right in every wrong.
Look for success in every failure.

So, find your joy in everything you do.
No matter how hard it is.
Go on search for it.
Then breathe it. Live it. Own it.

Just find your joy. Period.


17 Ways To Find Love From Within


photo credit: the BEAuty of BEATRICE

We are in a time when people always think and expect of finding love in the most unexpected places, just as the lyrics of the song goes.  People  crossed the deepest seas, walked the farthest places and conquered the highest mountains to find that elusive affection from another human being.

We even searched the wonderful worldwide web and added a thousand friends to our Facebook  and Twitter  accounts just for the simple reason – that maybe someday that one true love will show up and validate our sense of worth as a person.

But having said all these,  we can’t find the one we are searching for if we are not ready for it.  We can’t force people to love us. Life is not  going to be the way we want it to be, if we are staying in the same old, poor thinking. We need to deal with our own real enemy.


There is a Universal Law that says, “As Within, So Without.” It is the mirror of our life. It means that we are reflecting in our outside world what we feel from inside.

How can we truly love a person when we don’t even know how to love ourselves. And vise versa. It works both ways. We can’t receive what we can’t give to other people. If we feel so miserable and hopeless about life, we will see sadness everywhere. If we think we are not worthy of love – you bet, that is so right.  It is the simple rule of life.

There is something in us that we need to change from within. If we don’t have the courage to leave a bad relationship, defend ourselves from all kinds of abuse or can’t stand our ground against people, then there is something wrong somewhere.

So, how can we empower and raise ourselves higher?

Here are the 17 bullet points to ponder:

  • forgetting the past mistakes and forgiving the people we hurt and who hurt us back.
  • not beating ourselves up for the bad decisions we have made in life.
  • putting our needs on top of our priorities
  • giving ourselves the needed respect and kindness
  • making our life better each passing day (not making it perfect)
  • taking care of ourselves and finding the ways to make us happy
  • cultivating creativity through hobbies and passions
  • being financially independent
  • controlling our emotions and not letting problems to weigh us down
  • not sacrificing for the sake of other people’s happiness
  • being more loving and compassionate
  • having more faith in God, ourselves and humanity
  • not pleasing other people
  • not taking things personally
  • trusting our own intuition in making decisions
  • not giving up on our own identity
  • finding our own HERO

In other words, we need to find the love and make changes from within – so we can start loving ourselves once again. Because, the more we put an effort in taking care of our own needs, the happier we become and the more we can radiate love to other people.

Self-love is not about being selfish or being a narcissist. It’s not about putting ourselves on a pedestal. It’s about giving us the importance that we rightly deserve. Because when we do, love will find its way back to us.

It always does.


Single Parents Do Matter

single parenting


Have you experienced the moment when your heart had been broken into a thousand bits and pieces? Have you ever felt that your world had crumbled down and made a sudden 360 degrees turn? Have you ever been driven over the edge by circumstances? That’s how a separation feels when a loved one has died or someone went away for reasons you can’t understand.

That’s how a separation feels when a loved one has died or someone went away for reasons you can’t understand.

That’s what it is.

Alone again, naturally. 

Now, the sad truth stares you in the face.You are scared and confused because you don’t know where to go, what to do and how to start your life anew. You asked yourself endless questions but have no answers.

But, like all other problems in this world, you need to remember one thing  . . .

This too shall past.

After bearing with sleepless and tearful nights for days, time will come that you need to STAND UP and FIGHT. Remember that you are facing a complicated task of raising your kids by yourself. You can’t let yourself be defeated without giving it a good fight.

Your might ask, “How will i do this alone, all by myself?” That is a good question. So, let’s talk about it, my friend.

First, give yourself the needed time to heal from the pain. That’s fine. But you also need to take action. Either you do it after the initial trauma of heartache has subsided or while you are still giving yourself  the time to go through the grieving process, there is one important thing that you need to do . . .

Get your POWER back.

If you have a job, good. Because you can still provide for your child’s needs. If you don’t, then that’s where it gets complicated. You need to find a job first, then find a support system like a family or friend to look after your kids while you’re looking for a job.

And finding a job is not that easy as well, because some companies are putting a social stigma to  single parents. A soon as you have written down those two words “single parent” on your resume , they are already setting themselves up for expectation that things will be difficult once they hire you.

Let’s all face the harsh reality that there are some companies which only care about their business profits, sales and all that jazz.  I am not generalizing here. Been there, done that. Life is tough. It’s hard enough to survive in this crazy concrete jungle life when you are a couple, let alone being a single parent.

If your child is sick, they will tell you straight in your face to do something about it, because it’s not their concern – and that the only thing they care about is your productivity. So choose if you want to work in a company, go abroad or set up a small store or any home-based business to jump-start your career while taking care of your children.

Then, there’s another challenge – the prejudices of the moral society, of your religion, people and life in general.  As a separated man or woman, sometimes, you are simply being defined by your past mistakes and circumstances. Period.

With all these complications that you are facing alone, you will feel like you are being thrown into the eye of a hurricane. Your world keeps on spinning round and round until you lose your wits.

But whatever hardships you will face as a single parent, your children’s emotional stability should be your top priority. Kids have the tendency to blame themselves for the separation.  They feel guilty about it. It’s important for them to know that it’s not their fault. Or if daddy died they think it happened because they are being bad kids.

When your child asks you the questions, “Why are you crying mommy?” “Why are you sad, Daddy?” “Did somebody hurt you?” Do you have to tell your child your feelings? It would be much better for your child if you put on a brave face. The truth is – you are being judged by your child at an early age – that if mommy cries, she is weak. And weakness scares the hell out of children. They are looking for a strong support system because they are also weak, vulnerable . . . and so scared. That’s why children love superheroes, magic, fantasy and teddy bears because they represent something brave and powerful.

If you have seen the movie, “Life Is Beautiful”, it’s about a father’s love to a child whom he shielded from the worries of pain and destruction of the World War II.

It’s not about lying to your child. It’s about protecting your children from the sad reality of your emotional state.  They are not an extension of your own emotional drama. You should not use them to gain sympathy and to make them hate the other partner who got away.

They don’t have a clear understanding of what’s going on. Kids only use their emotions to process what is happening in their world.  Children will still feel complete if there would be a strong support system like the extended family or friends to love and care for them. The structure of the traditional family have already changed over the years. They will still feel loved even without a father or a mother. Reasons why I admire all the men and women of strength who bring up their kids alone.

If the children are all grown up, then there should be a time to sit down and talk  about it so you can give them the real scenario of what their life could be now that you are a single parent. You need to set up their expectations so that they can easily adjust and  help you make life easier for all.

Your friends and family’s support is a great thing to have during this time of crisis. They can lessen the burden of going through life alone with all these unexpected responsibilities that fall into your hands.

Single parents are in their most vulnerable at the first few months and years of standing up on their own two feet. They need a solid rock to lean on. But you also have a responsibility for yourself to be brave in facing life alone. Challenges like separation from someone or if a loved one died, are the things that happen without an explanation.

They are called life’s curveballs,” because they are unexpected.

So we either need to change our game plan totally or check the other back up plans. If plan A failed, go to B and so on. But remember that when you are at the lowest and most  vulnerable time of life, when you are living at the darkest hour of the night, that is also the point that you need to hold on tighter – and pray to God to give you more strength to keep holding on, till the new ray of sunshine comes.

After sorting out your life in retrospect, after all things are in their proper places, allow yourself to find the true meaning of life and happiness, to learn the important lessons behind it and to find the reasons why things happen. Use all these for your self growth.

And when you do, just remember some of these things . . .

Be courageous. Life is complicated but it’s not a death sentence.

Be patient. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You can’t solve problems in one day.

Be glad for the opportunity to see your strong points.

Be thankful for finding your own hero.

Shout it out.


Be happy.



Have You Counted Your Blessings Today?

have you countedYou lost your job. You lost a loved one. You failed your college entrance exam. You just had a miscarriage. You were an abandoned child.You met an accident that left you paralyzed.

So, you may ask, “What now?

People from all walks of life have suffered in one way or another. Problems, trials, challenges – these are part of daily life. This is the price you have to pay for living here on Earth and for being human. You are no different from the man who lives down the street, no matter how rich or successful his life seems to be. When you hit rock bottom, sometimes, you will lose touch of reality.

Pain is one of the worst kind of human emotions you could ever feel. When a problem hits you right in the face, it hurts to the core of your being. It’s PAINFUL. Period. No question about that.

As with love, the human heart has the same capacity to feel pain and hurt. Your master’s degree, your  Kim Kardashian-esque look, your  millions of money in the bank has nothing to do with how much you suffer from within when a problem strikes out of nowhere.

You might argue that, “Well, having more money makes suffering a little bit easier than the poor man who doesn’t have a single centavo.” They can easily buy their way to happiness.” That is a good point. However, how come there were rich people who have wasted their lives and turned to drugs, alcohol and gambling in order to escape their problems? How come more have suffered from a psychological malady called depression and suicide? Even the famous people in Hollywood too. Why were they looking for an easy way out of their situation when they have all the means – money, fame, fortune- but still,failed? What is there inside them that money can’t solve and buy?

Yes, there are a lot things that even psychologists and experts on medical science can’t find the answers to the puzzle.

If you are to look at the people who have been through hell and back, people who have only known poverty, suffering, pain and discomfort – they have risen from their own miserable lives and became successful. They have elevated themselves to a status that deserves praise and recognition. They have suffered the same way too and they came out victorious. Why?

Why do others succeed and come out as winners, while others don’t?

There is something that can answer that. It’s not rocket science. It’s not a secret code that you can’t break. You can’t just buy it from eBay or even from the most expensive malls. It’s tough. It’s hard core.



Whatever one may call it, it is something that keeps us in the game. Never giving up. Always fighting. Unbroken. No other people can take that inner strength away from you. Just draw it out of your system. Give it life. Give It power. Summon it.

You feel that you’re a victim of circumstances just because you keep on having bad experiences in love or life. You think that life is worthless just because bad luck keeps coming one after another. When you can’t move or think anymore because everything becomes dark and hopeless. You think of yourself as a big loser and a failure.

Have you ever experienced those things?

Problems can be as bad as losing a house, business and loved ones from an earthquake, storm or fire. Challenges create a big mess in your once comfortable, peaceful life.  You love your own comfort zone.  There is nothing quite like it.

Or it can be as petty as losing a phone or wallet. Yes, a phone and a wallet are important. But if you compare it to other bigger problems, it is not really a big deal. Lost a phone? Save and buy a new phone. Lost a wallet? Then buy a new wallet. The money that you lose, you can still earn it. I mean losing it will neither lead to desperation, suicide bombing, jumping over the bridge nor a mass killing of people. But still, sometimes, people react to certain situations like the world is against them.


Find the strength from within and use it to give you the power to rise above the ordeals. Because no matter how bad life is, there is still a lot of beautiful reasons to live. A lot of blessings to count.


LOST A JOB.  Well it’s NOT the only job in the world. There are so many jobs out there. First, remove all the pessimism like I am old, I don’t have a degree, I am not pretty,  I am not  smart enough or I don’t have connections. If you allow those things inside your head, you are your worst enemy. Just be patient and determined.  Look for a part-time job. Start a small time business or direct selling. Take a seminar, training or apprenticeship while waiting for the big thing. Improve yourself and enhance your skills.  Count one blessing.

LOST A LOVED ONE.  Look, you still have other members of the family and relatives. You have your friends. You have your  neighbors. Co-workers. The whole village. The entire universe. Go abroad and find friends and who knows  you may find a new love. You can even find one on the internet without even leaving your seat. The reasons are endless. Just don’t focus on the past. That part of your story is over. You’ve got to move on. Moving on doesn’t mean you are forgetting that special person. It means you are just healing from the pain. So, count your blessing.

FAILED THE COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM. Try  it again.Try another school, town or city. Or take a review class and take it again next year. There are old people who despite of their age are still able to go to college and graduate, right? You are still young with a healthy mind and body. There is a bright future ahead of you. Count that as a big blessing.

HAD A MISCARRIAGE. If you are healthy and capable then, try having another baby in two years time. If you are medically challenged, seek an expert for help. If you can afford it, avail a surrogacy service. If all else fails, adopt an orphan or a pet.  Live your life the best way you can. God has a reason for it. We don’t know why. But you are still alive. Just do it, count your blessing.

AN ABANDONED OR ORPHANED CHILD. It was part of your past. The past don’t remain in the present. Forget about why parents could do something like that. Perhaps, they had their issues back then. They were weak-minded, poor or incapable of raising a child. They just did the best thing that they could. Forgive them. Don’t let it define your future. Be grateful that you have grown up to be a fine person.  Count your blessing. Use it as an inspiration when you have your own child. When it happens, count another blessing.

MET AN ACCIDENT THAT LEFT BOTH LEGS PARALYZED. You have other parts of the body that are still working and capable of doing things. You mind is as keen as ever to do crossword puzzles. Your eyesight  has 20/20 vision and can see that sexy lady who walks by. Your sense of hearing is okay and can listen to the chirping of the birds. Your arms can hug your family, hold your baby or dog.  My point is, no matter how desperate your situation is, find something that could still make you say, “I’M OKAY.”  “ I CAN DO IT.”  When that happens. count all your blessings.

There are  a lot of things in this world that you can find worthy of living. Things that you usually ignore because you are in the midst of an electronically wired world. Nature for instance. Mountains. Lakes. The moon and the stars. The grasses and shrubs. The birds and the butterflies. Most importantly, the people who supports and understands you. Count all these blessings.

Yes, life sucks and shit happens. These are inevitable. You are here on earth to survive these challenges because it is the only way to toughen up.  You need to adapt to the situation or die. Life is not only complicated, it’s also complex and crazy. If your emotional constitution is weak, the rest of your mind, body and soul will spiral down into the abyss of nothingness – and you lose.

Always find something to smile about.  Always find joy in things that doesn’t seem to matter. Even little things have its own way of bringing gladness into people’s heart. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes and committing yourself to it.

 Then try this. 

Think of an imaginary jar and fill it with all the wonderful things that you are thankful and grateful about your life. Go, fill it to the brim. When it’s overflowing, close your eyes and say,” Now, it’s time for me to share it with others, Thank you Lord, for all the your blessings.”