the voices in your head



The voices in your head says, “You are no good,”
which makes you feel sad and low
thoughts which bring you to your childhood
for the things that you did or didn’t do.

The voices in your head says,” Stop dreaming,”
because your dreams are just too grand
it will take long years to build on something
so might as well ditch the plan.

The voices in your head says,”You are ugly,”
and nobody could ever want you
you don’t belong to anybody
and no person will ever be true.

The voices in your head says,”You are fat,”
and you are big as a blowfish
so forget about trying hard to be healthy
since you won’t ever get that wish.

The voices in your head says,” You are stupid”
and you won’t  make it through high school
so don’t ever waste time to learn and read
because it is better to remain a fool.

The voices in your head says,”You are so poor”
and it is much better to stay that way
because rich people are so hated
so why make an effort anyway.

The voices in your head says,”You are bad”
and you can’t do anything right
so just live up to your own expectations
be mad, be angry and just pick a fight.

The voices in your head says, “You can’t do it”
and your wish will not come true
because people will rain on your parade
And If that happens, “Sorry, but I pity you.”

The voices in your head are mere voices
but they are so big and powerful
it can make a person feel hopeless
it can turn a person into a fool.

Truth is  . . .

The voices in your head are mere voices
yet they are full of lies
just don’t listen to their noises
“please be strong,” that’s my advice.

The voices in your head are the enemies within
but there is ONE THING you can do.
Change your thinking and START A NEW YOU.


colorful stillness


md erni 14

there i was out in the cold
under the clear morning sky
as the streak of sun’s rays
find its way through the trees
a gentle sign and sigh
a loving presence from the Most High

savoring the gentle breeze
while in my mind i see
as the wild branches reaching out
and hugging me softly
comforting, soothing.
almost Zen like to me.

i took a deep,deep breath
slowly, gently
not once or twice
but many times
feeling the joy bursting out
from within
and reflecting through my eyes,
as the love of the Divine enfolds
throwing me into the fit of ecstasy
that I have never known before
as the serenity filled me with gladness
and  the path led me to my old sanctuary

then suddenly . . .

the kaleidoscope of hues
appear out from nowhere
blue, red, indigo,
purple and yellow
as i sway to the rhythm
of movements which sometimes
take me on a long journey
to the past i have known

the rainbow of colors
give meaning to feelings,
overflowing with radiance
and abundance

red brings fiery energy to the future
blue brings serenity of the past
yellow takes me to summer noontimes
purple gives me autumn hopes
my mind swirls and twirls
as i tune in and starts healing
as angels and spirits dance with joy
as the orbs of white light surrounds me

I can feel my heart throbbing,
digging its way to the core
as if its going to explode
heavy with emotions. . .
and filled with desert tears about
lost and,
death of old self unfolds.

reminiscing.. remembering
the journey of the soul
relives the joys and pains
lies and truth
laughters and tears
like a wheel that turns endlessly
spiraling into the abyss
never knowing when to stop
the only thing real are
the slow, gentle breaths
that gives harmony
and making good sense to all these

just when i thought all is lost
i found the strength to pause…

for a moment, i found peace and
the gentle breathing takes me to happy times
of my life . .
and nature . . .

just when i  thought that all has ended
i go back to the gentle breathing
to have my life back again
for a breath of fresh air
a new way of seeing things and
a new hope springs

in this colorful stillness
of the infinite loving spirit
that comes from within.

Doors: The Gateway To Your Soul


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Back in ancient times , doors were symbolized
as religious or magical structures
endowed with ritual purposes with great
access to something grand and powerful.

Today, I believe that metaphorically
life is still all about doors
and the meaning they represent in our lives
like closing old doors and opening new ones

Closing is …
preventing strong winds and rain
forgetting old lovers who walked right out of that door,
and leaving us empty and vulnerable,
or releasing pains from the past
that keep on tying us down…

putting an end to old habits and pessimistic thinking
forgiving our failures that are trapping us to the core
… and hating ourselves therein.

Opening is …
letting the breeze and the sunshine in
welcoming the smooth flow of ”chi” in our home and body
opening ourselves to new relationships
and forming close friendships,
having new goals and aspirations
or achieving divine faith and learning..

trekking on a different direction
and moving forward,
for the greater good and happiness of all,
not living up to other people’s expectations
but rather accepting ” us ” for the way we are
…and loving ourselves for it.

The only problem with doors is… they can’t stay closed forever.
yes, we need to stave off bad elements
like strong winds and violent storms,
or thieves and enemies
or old lovers who want to walk right back in asking for forgiveness

… but keeping it closed is unhealthy and confining.

Time will come that we need to change and open a new one
there is nothing more beautiful than a newly opened door
it presents us with new hopes and dreams …
and a new love to shine through
with a bright outlook of a new day ahead.

So, whatever trials life may throw at your doorstep
just make sure that you are tough enough to handle it
you can’t just slam it shut …
and deny yourself the chance
to prove your worth and achieve happiness.

Doors are there not only to act as a safe haven
from the outside forces
but also to remind you ..

that you have some growing up to do
and take life as it comes
no matter how hard it is.

Just be on guard always,
because, life is not about running away from tears and fears ,
or from the dark shadows that lurk outside that door…

it is all about having a brave heart ,
and facing the enemy head-on.