Hi Dear Ones.

I am MiradelIe. Welcome to my  personal blog page.

I write stories of joy, inspiration and healing from the pain and old wounds that linger.  I just want to be like your old neighborhood friend whom you haven’t seen for a long, long time and yet, when we do, it seems like no time, years or distance have made us apart. Like even if we haven’t seen nor talked to each other for years, it’s comforting to know that we have each other’s back.

Consider me as your comfort buddy with a big, broad shoulders to lean on if you need a good cry, an understanding heart and a positive mind to help you ease things up even just for a bit.

We can just talk  endlessly  like we do on sleepovers nights without judgments on how we deal with love and family relationships and . . . life in general.

And what a better way to deal with life’s crazy and complicated stuff than to read my articles and let’s talk about it while drinking a hot cup of coffee on our favorite kitty mugs.

Thanks for dropping by.

Love and Light to All.

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