Everyday Is A Destiny


screen grab: yellowbrickcinema/youtube

Each morning is a brand new day. A new dawn. A new beginning.
New hopes spring. New mountains to climb. New goals to achieve.

What happened yesterday cannot be undone.
The mistakes we have committed last week cannot be erased.
But that doesn’t really matter now
We can still change the moments that made us weep today
Cheer up! Let us all drink and be merry for tomorrow is another day.

The earth still spins on its axis,
The sun shines magnificently from the east.
The birds still migrate to India during winter
The northern lights cast a colorful hues during the Solstice

New leaves grow after the fall giving trees a fresh new start
September fall begins the salmon run journey upstream
The desert winds from the Gulf blow and create sand dunes art
The stars up in the heaven at night gleam

From afar, we smell the aroma of the new mown hay
The Kansas plains glisten from the golden rays of wheat fields
The moon up above illuminates the darkness of the chilly night
The sunset in Manila Bay is magnificent now, as it was at first sight.

Never look at the past like it was some dreaded disease
Let the pain remain but let it guide you to a better days
Let yourself fall twice but be sure to get up on the third
Be strong, be patient and hold your head up high always

Because no matter what happens in this lifetime
We still have the power in our hand
Easier said than done, but here’s the thing  . .
When that negative little voice creeps at the back of our mind
Cancel. Clear. Delete.

So, let’s do what we gotta do

Because . . .

Everyday is still a destiny.


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