Will you be there?



If silver gray hair grow and wrinkles show
If love handles and cellulites get worse
If crow’s feet, laughlines or what have you
Will you be there to admire these too?

If dementia and alzheimers make me forget your name
And if my memory finally fails me
Will my loss hearing and failing eyesight ever be a burden
Will you learn to be patient with care?

Will my varicose veins ever put you in shame
When they show on my hands, legs and feet?
Will you still love the way i smile
Even if i lose some of my teeth?

Will you still touch my hair
Even when you see streaks of grey and white
Will you still look me in the eyes
And say dearly , “With you it feels so right.”

If my migraine attack gets frequent
If arthritis makes me stay all day in bed
Will you care for my needs on these moments
Will you be there beside me instead?

If my wider steps become smaller
And my usual fast moves slower
Will you just leave me alone in despair
Or will you reach out for my hand with care

If I feel my days are numbered
And if my restless breaths get weaker
Will you pray for my dear old soul
When the rays of sunlight get dimmer?

Will you be there to sing me a love song?
Will you be there to hold me tight?
Will your heart beats for me only?
When I finally say my last goodnight.

Anybody can say, I love you
Anybody can say, “I care”
But if all these trials and hardships come
My question is, ” My dearest, will you still be there?”


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