Find Your Joy


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Life sucks. Life is hard. Life is full of struggles.

Life is. . . WAIT! Hold it right there!
Haven’t we heard enough of these bad life mantras?
Too much of a bad thing is bad.
Too much pessimism is like
a big bad fall into the dark abyss.
It will not only break your bones
but it can also crack your skull to pieces
and nobody is out there to get you.

The dark path . . . please, don’t go there.
You don’t have to walk or run
to get there.
You can do it just by
sitting there all by yourself,
overthinking about negative things,
letting the dark clouds hang over your head
like the proverbial sword of Damocles.

It’s bad for everything.
Bad for the heart.
for the mind,
for the body,
for the soul.
Bad for the now.
Bad for the future.
Bad for a lifetime.

Bad for yourself
and for the person next to you
and for the one you meet down the street
and in fact for the entire world.

Get out from the shadow
before its too late.
Remove the veil that hinders
the path to your higher soul.
Let us not spread the madness
and find the joy instead.

Why dwell on the past hurts
and hang on to pains,
when you can just spread your wings
fly to where you want to go,
be you want to be,
and eventually, find your joy?
Stop the negativity
and let go of low vibration energy
that surrounds you.

Rejoice and make a big shout out
to the world that . . .

Life is good.
Life is abundant.
Life is peaceful.
Life is beautiful.
Life is full of love
Life is full of light
and laughter,
and suprises
even in every little thing.

Learn from a little sparrow bird
that knows self-worth behind the tiny frame
Small and yet fierce in its own little way
and smart enough to know better.

Because as the saying goes, . .
“sometimes, big things come in small packages.”

Just open your eyes and see
The Universe is sending us
lots of love and light
Find your joy and share it with others
and make their world bright.

Find the good in every bad
Find the laughter in every sorrow
Find the solution to every problem
See the light in the darkness
See the hope in every loss
Look for forgiveness in betrayals
Look for the right in every wrong.
Look for success in every failure.

So, find your joy in everything you do.
No matter how hard it is.
Go on search for it.
Then breathe it. Live it. Own it.

Just find your joy. Period.



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