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Two Fools Collide on the Fourteenth


photo credit: step2loveblogcom

(An anniversary poem)

I am the Yin to his Yang
I am the lightning to his thunder
I am the black to his white
I am the wifey, he is the hubby.

He is my Greg and I am his Dharma
The hot chili sauce to my shawarma
He is the Gemini to my Sagittarius
He may be Fast but heck, I am Furious.

He is the Air to my Fire
The Mars to my Venus
He is the Sun to my Moon
Though I am No Mary and he’s NO Jesus

He’s the milk to my coffee
The Pacquiao to my Jinkee
We break up, we make up
Yeah I know LOVE is crazy and so are WE.

Some says our team is weird ‘coz
I am the blogger and he is the gaffer
So hear this, opposite charges attract and same charges repel
He’s the hot Pan de Sal bread to my cold Dari creme butter.

So, the Universe conspired, the planets aligned
On the 14th of February, When Harry met Sally
Now, he’s the SA to my BH
His habibi “Ana Hubbek Inti” to my habibti

He is not the “You complete me” kind of guy
Because I don’t believe in that movie line thingy
We  may not be perfect but we are not incomplete
And you know the truth of the matter is that . . .
After all these years, I am really the Jolie to his Pitt.