Doors: The Gateway To Your Soul


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Back in ancient times , doors were symbolized
as religious or magical structures
endowed with ritual purposes with great
access to something grand and powerful.

Today, I believe that metaphorically
life is still all about doors
and the meaning they represent in our lives
like closing old doors and opening new ones

Closing is …
preventing strong winds and rain
forgetting old lovers who walked right out of that door,
and leaving us empty and vulnerable,
or releasing pains from the past
that keep on tying us down…

putting an end to old habits and pessimistic thinking
forgiving our failures that are trapping us to the core
… and hating ourselves therein.

Opening is …
letting the breeze and the sunshine in
welcoming the smooth flow of ”chi” in our home and body
opening ourselves to new relationships
and forming close friendships,
having new goals and aspirations
or achieving divine faith and learning..

trekking on a different direction
and moving forward,
for the greater good and happiness of all,
not living up to other people’s expectations
but rather accepting ” us ” for the way we are
…and loving ourselves for it.

The only problem with doors is… they can’t stay closed forever.
yes, we need to stave off bad elements
like strong winds and violent storms,
or thieves and enemies
or old lovers who want to walk right back in asking for forgiveness

… but keeping it closed is unhealthy and confining.

Time will come that we need to change and open a new one
there is nothing more beautiful than a newly opened door
it presents us with new hopes and dreams …
and a new love to shine through
with a bright outlook of a new day ahead.

So, whatever trials life may throw at your doorstep
just make sure that you are tough enough to handle it
you can’t just slam it shut …
and deny yourself the chance
to prove your worth and achieve happiness.

Doors are there not only to act as a safe haven
from the outside forces
but also to remind you ..

that you have some growing up to do
and take life as it comes
no matter how hard it is.

Just be on guard always,
because, life is not about running away from tears and fears ,
or from the dark shadows that lurk outside that door…

it is all about having a brave heart ,
and facing the enemy head-on.


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