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Saying Goodbye To Autumn


              ” Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. “  – Elizabeth Lawrence

With the coming of the winter season, autumn days are almost over here in the Gulf region. But the magic of the season will stay in the memory till the next fall comes.

Autumn is when the days are getting shorter. The sand dunes in the desert are forming beautiful slopes.There’s a mix of soft, warm and yet cool breeze that touches your face in the late afternoon. Small birds are tweeting frantically from their nests. The picturesque meadow is covered with flowers. The dry, crisp leaves and white fragrant flowers from the jasmine trees in the front garden are falling gently to the ground. The intertwined branches of bougainvillea vines and yellow bells that are attached to the tall concrete fences – are stretching far and wide and letting its dainty and fuchsia and yellow colored flowers scatter on the grass. The tiny red flowers are littering the cobblestone path. At night, the beach parks are teeming with frolicking hooded children and parents sitting around the bonfires eating kubus , kebab with tahina and sipping hot mint green tea.


Just few months ago these thoughts filled me with great anticipation. Autumn is a lovely season for me next to spring. A hint of smile flashes across my face. It brought to mind a romantic drama movie that I have watched back in 2000 called  Autumn in New York  starring my all-time crush actor Richard Gere and the lovely Winona Ryder. It was a rather sad, tragic  yet romantic movie where Winona died of a terminal cancer. But I won’t ever forget the serene and awesome quietness that surrounds the film during their long walks and private talks around the garden and lake of the famous Central Park New York. The place was filled with emotion of love and compassion. Imagine the scene where there was a subdued conversation of their hands and eyes – filled with love in her moment of great struggle to have a little bit more time to live.The beautiful mix of colored foliage of green, yellow, orange and brown around added to the drama of the moment. I was indeed a sight to behold. The sceneries were captivating yet haunting. As what Tom Hanks said from the movie, You’ve Got Mail,Don’t you just love New York in the fall? “

The autumn season is a lovely experience to have but it also creates a feeling of loneliness . The warm cuddle by the fire during this time abound.  If spring is the season of birth and new beginnings, autumn connotes passing of the year, growing old, decline, end and even death or mourning.

It also sets the mood for reading and writing poems. No wonder famous poets got their source of inspiration to write poems about this time of the year . Wikipedia said  William Yeats’ poem The Wild Swans at Coole  echoes his melancholic expression and symbolizes his ageing self while John Keats’ To Autumn describes it as the time for mellow fruitfulness. For me, this moment simply spells love and romance.


As I savor the aroma of my hot coffee in my favorite tall, white mug with a blue kitty face print, I started to pull up my laptop and look out the window to remember the remaining days of this season. There is a heavy drizzle outside. The change in weather signals the coming of the winter season. It’s not snowing in the Middle East but it gets to be very,very cold during the winter nights of December.

In a way, saying goodbye to autumn is not really a bad thing. I have written a lot of different stuff for my 30 Days Writing Challenge by Jeff Goins during this season. This article was one of them. It was for Day 12 – Tell About Your Day exercise. The challenge disciplined me to focus and improve on my writing. Autumn days created this atmosphere for me to be inspired and found my muse. No need to be sad because the change is only temporary. Life starts all over again next season. That thought alone gives me enough reason to cheer up.

What nice or sad memories do you have during autumn days? I would like to hear about it.