Springtime in the Middle East



Pretty flowers bloom, sunbirds and robins sing
feel the warmth that the blue sky brings ,
butterflies and bees flutter around
green grasses and shrubs abound

Days are bright, nights are dry
little twinkling stars in the sky ,
hopes are high , forget the past
let there be faith that lasts


(photo credit: timeoutbahrain)

Sandstorms coming, sand dunes shaping
camels prancing, Bedouin men hunting ,
beautiful oasis in the golden desert
another day, another dream and then, rebirth


(photo: simbacom)

Stargazer lillies and dates palm trees
dancing, swaying  to the rhythm of the breeze
whispering secrets and enchanting songs
Arabian desert, here is where you belong

Shadows of majestic villages and palaces
Hues of beige, dusk and golden shades ,
A starry dream and images of far away places
of kings and princesses found in ancient tales


Ebony and ivory clad couples trotting down the street
happy and gay…

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