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The Essence Of A Woman


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” Just being a woman is God’s gift.The origin of a child is a mother and  a woman.  She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.”  

 – Sushmita Sen of India, Ms. Universe 1994

Over the years, the concept of a woman has changed in various ways. People think that a woman’s femininity is based on superficial things such as dressing up like a model or a movie star, donning the latest fashion , make up and accessories. Or having a size-zero figure. That the Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Donna Karan of the fashion world are the only woman’s bestfriends  in life.  Nothing is wrong with all these “things”, but, a woman’s worth is more than just being a human mannequin ready to be displayed for the whole world to see and admire.

Recently, Vogue and Elle started  using  plus size women on their magazine covers. What does it mean? It means a woman deserves more. That you have more substance within that you can ever imagine.

So, what is something about you that really makes you some kinda wonderful? In the real world, femininity goes beyond the senses and logic. It goes beyond culture and tradition.

Womanliness Is About The Whole Package
Every woman is naturally built with a formidable force of characteristics that could weather all storms and turmoil.  You have the patience, gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweetness, compassion and  tolerance – all these behaviors are generally considered feminine but can stand the test of time.

You as a woman has an innate kind of magic and mysterious aura in your personality . You are truly an enigmatic character that drives men crazy.

You have the power to hold the world in your bare hands – the hands that put a little baby to sleep, toil day and night to make the house clean, cook to have nutritious food at the table, mend the tears of your socks and reach out and give tight bear hugs when kids come home from school, body and ego all bruised up .

Can’t you see the power that lies in your hands?

You can be considered a ” Superwoman ” because you have a multi-track mind that makes you an expert in a lot of things which need to be done simultaneously. Cleaning, laundry, cooking, supervising homework, taking them to a doctor or school play rehearsals, tirelessly taking care of the husband and children. You are doing all these while carving your own niche in the career world.

You only has to rely on your own intuition and things will be right. It is your most reliable source of information when things seem confusing and out of whack. Men are scared of your intuitive power and makes them cringe when being asked about vital questions in a relationship – because you already have the answers even before you ask the question.

A woman’s instinct is one of your best weapons in motherhood because it helps  in the understanding of  the little babies and children’s behaviors.

Don’t you realized how cool is that?

Womanliness Is Ethereal
You are like an angel who falls down from heaven , bringing peace and harmony in the midst of wars and strifes. Healing the wounded and caring for the sick and lost souls.   You are the face of Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc , Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Austen,  Mother Theresa, Margaret Thatcher, Audrey Hepburn , Marie Curie , Helen Keller and Amelia Earhart , all  rolled  into one.

You are the unsung heroine of the world. The mind , heart and soul of womankind. The face that launched a thousand ships. The best friend a man could ever have. The inspiration of countless love poems, movies, books and romantic songs. The better-half in a relationship.  Both the source of a man’s love and happiness, downfall and ordeal .

Where great monuments were built-in your memory and great cities were fell , destroyed, burned down to ashes and mourned for its ruins.  Because your beauty is  intoxicating and enchanting that men become irrational in your presence.

You have the charm of the singing sirens of the ocean in Shakespeare’s Odyssey, when  men were lured to their death. You have the love that makes men kneel down on your feet and beg. History is filled with stories like that.

Every woman is a gift from God. The Lord Jesus came from a holy , gentle and sacred woman.  All geniuses and heroes of the world are nurtured by their mothers’ tender love , care and understanding.

Behind every man’s success is a woman who gives support to every failure , cheers on the sidelines for every game he wins, and boost his morale for every insecurities and disappointments.

Only Half Of The Population, But The Reasons Are Endless
You as a woman has an inner goddess that is waiting to be unleashed. You have the body that shares the passion, intimacy and tender love with a man. Where the sacred union of two souls makes the angels in heaven sing in harmony. The so-called eleven minutes moment of bliss according to Paulo Coelho. You have the body that bears the children of the universe and the hope of the future generation. And the ethereal energy that drives the world to infinity.

The essence of woman is not in the color of your skin, the size of your clothes, the grayish hair, wrinkles on your face nor the numbers on a weighing scale.

It’s not in your failures and mistakes, nor your poverty and being uneducated. It’s not in your shortcomings nor imperfections.

You are mother earth and mother nature. You are Jesus Christ’s Mary and Adam’s Eve. You. Me. Us.  And the truth is, if you will really think about it , the woman in itself – is the essence.