Sunset Over Villa Suhaila


gently fading away
shadow casting lights
of orange,  as it paints
the gray blue sky
it makes one realize
how time quickly passes by


the lonely sky darkens
listen to the quiet sunset
as it falls down the horizon
a gazebo and date palm trees
in silhouette
whispering a silent goodbye
for a reason


like a lover who walks away
or a gentle kiss
as the baby’s fast asleep
like a prayer at the
end of each day
or an angel’s fading vision
in a dream

i glance at the
warm blades of grass
under my feet
and crimson sunset
above my head
the warming rays
upon my face
feeling the warmth
of the late afternoon heat


i still feel joyous for the
darkened trails
and the shadows far beyond,
for the night
maybe dark and long
and the clock seems
to stop ticking
but sunset is no reason to fret
cos it is just there hiding


tomorrow is another day
and God gives us
a new and brighter sunrise
as we face another battle
as we become wise
a life of hope and joy
and lessons to learn yet
and a strong and faithful heart
that will last through
another sunset.



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