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Sunset Over Villa Suhaila


gently fading away
shadow casting lights
of orange,  as it paints
the gray blue sky
it makes one realize
how time quickly passes by


the lonely sky darkens
listen to the quiet sunset
as it falls down the horizon
a gazebo and date palm trees
in silhouette
whispering a silent goodbye
for a reason


like a lover who walks away
or a gentle kiss
as the baby’s fast asleep
like a prayer at the
end of each day
or an angel’s fading vision
in a dream

i glance at the
warm blades of grass
under my feet
and crimson sunset
above my head
the warming rays
upon my face
feeling the warmth
of the late afternoon heat


i still feel joyous for the
darkened trails
and the shadows far beyond,
for the night
maybe dark and long
and the clock seems
to stop ticking
but sunset is no reason to fret
cos it is just there hiding


tomorrow is another day
and God gives us
a new and brighter sunrise
as we face another battle
as we become wise
a life of hope and joy
and lessons to learn yet
and a strong and faithful heart
that will last through
another sunset.



The Colors of Summer


As the glint of bright sunlight through the clouds strikes my eyes, a song from the past suddenly plays in my mind.

” Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom.
July is dressed up and playing her tune.
And I come home from a hard day’s work,
And you’re waiting there, not a care in the world.
See the smile a-waitin’ in the kitchen, food cookin’ and the plates for two.
Feel the arms that reach out to hold me, in the evening when the day is through.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.
Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind. “

                                                               – by Seals &  Croft , 1972

Ah yes, summertime is just around the corner.

It’s colorful and enchanting. It’s bright and free.

There is a feeling of great anticipation, like a comforting thought of a warm embrace.

Every coming of the season carries wonderful memories of our youth . How can one forget the wild fun and outdoor games ?  What about first loves and sad parting ways?  Oh, I remember with a smile… a lover’s stroll on the beach, hand in hand, under the late afternoon sun.   A picnic in the park with families.  Playful fun with our dogs at the backyard.  Moments of giggles about secret crushes with girl buddies .  Nice barbecue parties.  Fishing in the lake with brothers or friends.  A visit to grandparents house in the country, with sweet aromas of pies and freshly baked bread in the oven.  A soft scent of new mown hay.   A magnificent porch view of a beautiful flower garden.



Oh, how I adore these floral beauties . I walk to the glass window and see a dramatic mixture of rainbow colors in pastel shades , subtle greens, softest yellow, creamy whites.  There are also  bright oranges, dark violets and striking fuchsias and reds.


As I view the blossoming flowers around the neighborhood – in their picture-perfect splendor –  and in different shades and sizes,  I can’t help but wonder how God was feeling after He created them – along with the birds, trees and mountains. He must have been so ecstatic and exhilarated for making such beautiful creations.  Imagine a world without them.   Summer is not summer without the flowers in bloom indeed.


Seeing them is like looking into a kaleidoscope of colors in hues of red, pink, yellow, orange and violet.   It gives me a sense of joy and tranquility with the same Zen-like effect in a Buddhist Temple.


There is a floral variety of lilies, petunias, daisies, roses , sunflowers, jasmines and bougainvilleas.   I soon discovered that flowers not only satisfy my eyes but are a blessing to one’s health.

Based on the Emotional Impact of Flowers Study in 2005 , it says,  ” Nature has actually provided us a simple way to improve emotional well-being – flowers.  The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed.   It has long-term positive impact on moods for those who receive it .”


Hmmm.. so, come to think of it, that’s the reason why we give flowers to our loved ones, to the sick and to the desperate.  Or to acknowledge something wonderful or a certain good deed.  It is a form of human expression that transcends boundaries.


Even giving a lovely daisy found along the road will give someone a warm smile. Or sending a lovely picture to a dear friend on a special occasion.




Flowers are a wonderful reminder of our past summers and the symbol of anticipation for the next one. With my mobile phone camera in hand –  as I walk around the neighborhood –  I have the sudden urge to take pictures of these pretty flowers in sight to capture the beauty of one of God’s wonderful creations.



Soon enough, this season will come to an end (without you knowing it ) as the other seasons do.  But surely , as the days of summer go by , these pictures will be etched in my memory like the same old song that goes…

” … summer breeze, makes me feel fine , blowing through the jasmine in my mind .  ”