Through The Rain


Looking out of the window
as the early morning rain falls
Drizzling and falling
as I lean against the wall

My mind drifts to a far away thought
as the lonely sky weeps
To a bite that stings or to
a wounded heart that bleeds


Imagining the raindrops fall on my face
and wash away my tears in haste
Because no one will see the pain
as I soak myself in the cold November rain

Asking myself a thousand questions
why the world is filled with pain and confusion
or why hearts are filled with hate or aggression
when we are all living as one nation?


Will reason rule my heart
or let the madness tear me apart?
And will the heavy pouring drown me
or will I just run away and be free?

Will I ever give up on my dreams
or will I just let myself go ?
Will I have enough strength
to fight and beat my foe?


I will let this moment be
let it go through my mind and see
What really God is telling me
of why it always rain on me.

But funny how the clouds and I become friends
like a love affair that never ends
For a magic moment like this
a sacred ritual of joy and bliss

And so I look up the sky
as I heave a long, deep sigh
To hell with all the fears and pain
’cause, I’m gonna make it through the rain.


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