Random Acts of Happiness

happiness project

                                                              ( a pretty picture found on the web)

catching deep breath, waking up in the morning
smiling at angels, hearing church bells ring …
saying a little prayer , greeting the day
stretching your muscles, basking in the sun’s rays

looking on the horizon , making a wish
mixing lemonade or cooking a dish …
baking bread, drinking coffee or tea
wondering what the future might be

listening to hummingbirds, picking flowers
playing with dogs, greeting others…
laughing with a child, lending an ear
giving a hug, wiping tears and facing fears

writing poems, reading a book
laughing out loud, changing outlook…
creating art , composing a song
dancing to the music all night long

loving our spouses, caring for elders and children
visiting relatives, sharing secrets with friends …
working with colleagues, obeying our bosses
gaining profits and avoiding losses

gardening for vegetables, fixing broken roofs
hiking on a mountain , even playing hoops …
chasing rainbows and waterfalls , running for health
travelling to distant places, working for wealth

feeling grateful, enjoying life
building bridges , filling gaps…
releasing anger, forgiving others
searching for truth is all that matters

praying for lost souls ,meditating for peace
watching sunsets, walking on the beach …
going on a sail, fishing for a trout
and thinking what life is all about

sharing stories or learning a lesson
living life to the fullest, leaping into the unknown …
thinking positive thoughts, hoping for success
writing down goals, wishing for the best

lending a hand, helping a charity
fighting for freedom, supporting advocacy …
having wisdom ideas and reason
respecting individuality, culture and religion

and returning to bed at the day’s end
feeling grateful, saying a thank you prayer again …
keeping the faith, praising to high heavens
and Loving God above all, Amen.


21 thoughts on “Random Acts of Happiness

  1. This is really true. It’s the simplest and most basic things that can make us happy as we are naturally happy people and the happiness is always there if we know how to appreciate.

    • There are actually countless ways to be happy , i guess it’s just a matter of appreciating the simple things thatyou have and accepting the things that you cannot have. I think it’s as simple as that. More happy thoughts for you.

    • There are countless ways to feel happy..even as simple as waking up and seeing your family together..but if it means everything to you then we need to count that as a blessing. Not everyone is blessed with a family together and even if we have, sometimes is not the kind of family we hope to be. Sending you more happy thoughts from here.

    • that’s good to know Mrs. Kolca .. just listen to your heart..whatever it is your heart wants to say write it down.. hoping you will be writing poems soon. goodluck!

  2. Very deep and full of emotions piece. That photo really had a great impact that tickled your rmuse to write a poem. I love your verse three. I found service and a happy life. Write on!

  3. All are true stories of life. Love it especially “catching deep breath, waking up in the morning”..because for some time now I’d experienced short breathing in the evening before I go to bed and it really makes me sick.

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