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Through The Rain


Looking out of the window
as the early morning rain falls
Drizzling and falling
as I lean against the wall

My mind drifts to a far away thought
as the lonely sky weeps
To a bite that stings or to
a wounded heart that bleeds


Imagining the raindrops fall on my face
and wash away my tears in haste
Because no one will see the pain
as I soak myself in the cold November rain

Asking myself a thousand questions
why the world is filled with pain and confusion
or why hearts are filled with hate or aggression
when we are all living as one nation?


Will reason rule my heart
or let the madness tear me apart?
And will the heavy pouring drown me
or will I just run away and be free?

Will I ever give up on my dreams
or will I just let myself go ?
Will I have enough strength
to fight and beat my foe?


I will let this moment be
let it go through my mind and see
What really God is telling me
of why it always rain on me.

But funny how the clouds and I become friends
like a love affair that never ends
For a magic moment like this
a sacred ritual of joy and bliss

And so I look up the sky
as I heave a long, deep sigh
To hell with all the fears and pain
’cause, I’m gonna make it through the rain.


Random Acts of Happiness

happiness project

                                                              ( a pretty picture found on the web)

catching deep breath, waking up in the morning
smiling at angels, hearing church bells ring …
saying a little prayer , greeting the day
stretching your muscles, basking in the sun’s rays

looking on the horizon , making a wish
mixing lemonade or cooking a dish …
baking bread, drinking coffee or tea
wondering what the future might be

listening to hummingbirds, picking flowers
playing with dogs, greeting others…
laughing with a child, lending an ear
giving a hug, wiping tears and facing fears

writing poems, reading a book
laughing out loud, changing outlook…
creating art , composing a song
dancing to the music all night long

loving our spouses, caring for elders and children
visiting relatives, sharing secrets with friends …
working with colleagues, obeying our bosses
gaining profits and avoiding losses

gardening for vegetables, fixing broken roofs
hiking on a mountain , even playing hoops …
chasing rainbows and waterfalls , running for health
travelling to distant places, working for wealth

feeling grateful, enjoying life
building bridges , filling gaps…
releasing anger, forgiving others
searching for truth is all that matters

praying for lost souls ,meditating for peace
watching sunsets, walking on the beach …
going on a sail, fishing for a trout
and thinking what life is all about

sharing stories or learning a lesson
living life to the fullest, leaping into the unknown …
thinking positive thoughts, hoping for success
writing down goals, wishing for the best

lending a hand, helping a charity
fighting for freedom, supporting advocacy …
having wisdom ideas and reason
respecting individuality, culture and religion

and returning to bed at the day’s end
feeling grateful, saying a thank you prayer again …
keeping the faith, praising to high heavens
and Loving God above all, Amen.

Springtime in the Middle East



Pretty flowers bloom, sunbirds and robins sing
feel the warmth that the blue sky brings ,
butterflies and bees flutter around
green grasses and shrubs abound

Days are bright, nights are dry
little twinkling stars in the sky ,
hopes are high , forget the past
let there be faith that lasts


(photo credit: timeoutbahrain)

Sandstorms coming, sand dunes shaping
camels prancing, Bedouin men hunting ,
beautiful oasis in the golden desert
another day, another dream and then, rebirth


(photo: simbacom)

Stargazer lillies and dates palm trees
dancing, swaying  to the rhythm of the breeze
whispering secrets and enchanting songs
Arabian desert, here is where you belong

Shadows of majestic villages and palaces
Hues of beige, dusk and golden shades ,
A starry dream and images of far away places
of kings and princesses found in ancient tales


Ebony and ivory clad couples trotting down the street
happy and gay under the blistering heat,
A variety of expats from places far and wide
living in peace and harmony and no selfish pride.


(photo credit:

Imam chants and prayer calls
Of our white-thobed brothers and all ,
from early sunrises to late sundowns
beckoning, echoing the whole cities and towns

New spring, new beginnings
like a newborn babe and a young woman’s wedding,
this one is always better than the last
hope floats and season changes fast


(photo credit: egypt/

Yesterdays cold and wintry months gone,
A brand new chapter of life has just began,
Season of love and faith, here and beyond
In the land of far away kingdoms and desert sands.

The Purple Tree and Poetry




I walk into the woods and see the purple tree

with its trunk high and mighty and branches wild and free

the majestic purple tree is a mystery to me

the leaves dancing and swaying to the rhythm of the sea


The purple tree brings tranquility and happiness

it illuminates my mind with awe and gladness

savoring the scent of purple fragrances

of pink and lilac haze stirring passion and impulses


I sing praises and healing chants in every way

celebrating the joy of this sweet purple day

hoping and dreaming in brilliant array

dear purple tree my heart is yours, come what may.


– Mira Delle –



I Am A Restless Soul … a five minute poem


I am a restless soul
And my heart skips a beating
Life pushes me against the wall
And let me die there crying.

I am a restless soul
And my world is heavily spinning.
Never stopping.. just keeps on going and going
Till I faint in helpless surrender.

I am a restless soul
walking on an endless path
thorny and rugged, trudging along a twisted patch
mind wandering, feet meandering  like a fool.

I am a restless soul
And my pleading heart bleeds to the core
Nobody has ever been there before
Except a love that is washed away by the shore.

I am a restless soul. A tired and restless soul..
No words nor reasons.
Just because.