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How To Win Brownie Points From Women

If Pat Benatar’s song says that, ” Love is a Battlefield, wouldn’t you guys looooooovve to win? Not just to win, but to stay on top of the game and keep on winning ….a woman’s heart, that is.

There is a big difference on the way a man and a woman show love and care
which paved the way to a famous book like ” Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus ” but unfortunately, they met on Earth. That being said, what a man thinks is a great gesture on his part is merely a humdrum act for us. And those actions he consider mushy and mediocre are what makes them so adorable to us. Sounds weird eh?

According to the book, ”  Why Men Don’t Have A Clue, ” by Barbara Pease, – one important thing that gives you the edge is to be aware that we keep an imaginary ” point score system ” which we use to rate the man we’re married to or having a relationship with.  She also said that,  not only do we keep the score but we do actually OWN the scoreboard. And that he quality of the relationship depends on the score that you get. So what are you gonna do? Well, since you guys are all EXPERTS in sports , you need to do a simple tactic called ” RED ZONE DEFENSE to win.

So gather around and check out these few tips which could earn you win those points and makes you so lovable to us. Guys, this is no rocket science so anybody out there can do it unless you are stoned, dead or in coma.

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! 25 points.   If you are going to draw a pair of plain looking ears on paper and put them together, what image are you going to get? A heart , right? One left ear + one right ear = HEART = LOVE. Get it ? TRANSLATION: Listening is the greatest symbol of love. With all the ranting and raving that we do after we have a bad day, feel insecure or scared , it is only our own way of reaching out to you guys. The next time we vent it means, ” listen to me” , ” read my lips ” or ” mark my words .” You do not even have to say a word, all you need is good, clean ears. VOILA! We are done. And oh, a big bear hug won’t hurt .

L O L . 15 points . Not only Laughing Out Loud is the best medicine, but having a great sense of humor is a way to a woman’s heart. Having those rolling-on-the-floor-laughing moments not only gives you Lots Of Luck in winning us but eventually, Lots Of Love too.

LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT. 25 points .   Men go for the big time. Big and expensive gifts. For us it is not really the size that matters but the frequency. Here are few things to earn those points:

  • leaving love notes in unexpected places
  • giving one flower a day instead of a dozen a week
  • helping in everyday domestic duties
  • cuddling, hugging, kissing which doesn’t always have to lead to sex
  • complimenting our cooking or appearance
  • being a hands-on dad to kids
  • remembering special occassions
  • giving little surprises such as sending romantic cards, go shopping,

organizing a weekend together or giving a foot massage

  • calling, texting, emaling, facebooking  ( forgetting to do these is a big NO NO)  unless you are being kidnapped or hibernating on top of the Himalayas) . This is the high-tech generation guys, so all you need is a little time and effort.

COMMUNICATE. 15 points.    Talk. Tete-a-tete. Conversation. Chat. Banter. Tattle. Scuttlebutt. Buzz. Whatchamacallit. Talking is every woman’s forte. It is our very own comfort zone. It is in our DNA. We do not need a reason to talk and do not need . All we want is to connect with you.  Most importantly, we do it because we trust you. So, can you please put down the remote control and talk ?

LIFE SHARED. LOVE SHARED. 20 points.    Sharing hobbies, sports activities, life goals, favorite food, books , secrets …basically anything and everything. You do not actually need to be with us 24/7 but finding time to share things without being asked to , is always a winning situation.
So there you go, guys. Nothing will go wrong with these tips. If you score 100 percent, then that is FABULOUS! If you get between 75 – 85 , GOOD JOB! Lesser than that, it is FINE as long as you keep on trying. We love you anyway.

So gals out there, do you have any tips to share? Pls let me know.