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” A Mother’s Prayer for Its Daughter ” by Tina Fey

        Just recently, I had the most awesome reading-date with my fave 30 Rock actress/comedian Tina Fey opposite the dashing Sir Alec Baldwin. Who hasn’t heard of her when she gives a funny yet wonderful impression of US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin . Or was it the other way around? Sarah Palin doing an impression of Tina Fey who was doing an impression of Ms. Palin , on the show Saturday Night Live.  Anyway, I said reading-date because she was the author of the newest international bestseller called ” BOSSYPANTS ” . It was sort of a part-memoir of her  life as an SNL boss , wife, mother , daughter, friend.  She is indeed an icon in comedy-writing not only because her ideas have the dagger-sharp yet intellectually stimulating factors that trigger both my right and left brain hemispheres at once but also, she creates the  funny flatulence jokes which will make you realize that despite the fame, she is still very much part of the human race. Not being too feminist here, but she is the Real Deal in comedy.

How so??? Well , from which book will you find  new literary terms which you will not ever learn in modern school. Words like, teat Nazis (female advocates who condemn other women for not breastfeeding) , auto-erotic asphyxiation ( orgasm), Worldwide Parental Anxiety System ( a method used by parents to create anxiety and fear for their kids to avoid sex, drugs and other bad stuff ) and  business class-assed ( a professional career woman) . These are but some fine examples of how creative she was in coming up with Neo-Modernistic terminology for comedy writing. Other interesting tips from the book are  The Secrets of Mommy’s Beauty, Remembrances of Being Very Skinny  and Peeing in Jars with Boys.

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